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Why do I need oxygen?
Everyone needs oxygen. The reason why you need more of it is because of the significant increase in elevation levels you'll experience, many of you for the first time. Although it is true that the oxygen levels remain the same no matter what the elevation, there are other factors in play. The air is much thinner, and therefore there is less oxygen to breath in each time. Your blood oxygen levels will start to drop dramatically, and without Rent Oxygen, you risk the chance of developing altitude sickness. Find out more about acute mountain sickness.
Do I need a prescription?
Yes. Oxygen concentrators are regulated by the FDA, and therefore require a prescription from a physician before using. We allow you to fax your physicians prescription directly to us so we can quickly accommodate you needs when you arrive. Click here to send yours in today!
Do you pick up and deliver?
At present we cannot deliver, therefore units must be collected from our Beaver Creek office. We hope to resume delivery over the summer, but at this point due to the road conditions and insurance cover, we cannot offer a delvery service.
Can I sleep with my machine?
Sleeping is the preferred method for optimizing the amount of oxygen your body receives while using our oxygen concentrators. Since your breathing rate is slowed, it allows your body and lungs to capture and hold more oxygen with each breath you take. You wake up feeling rejuvenated, and ready to hit the slopes!
When should I start using oxygen?
As soon as you arrive! You want to acclimate your body to the new levels they're experiencing as soon as possible. We recommend using our oxygen concentrators through at least the first three nights of your stay, to help your body fight off any signs of elevation sickness. Don't wait until you're already sick to use our oxygen. You definitely won't enjoy the flu-like side effects, and they may take up to a day to go away.
Are there any age requirements?
There are no age requirements. We can accommodate any individual as long as they have a prescription in their name. Supplying each member of your family with oxygen is the safest way to ensure no one becomes negatively effected by the higher elevation levels.
Can you ever get too much oxygen?
No, especially at higher altitudes. Rent Oxygen concentrators are the safest way to receive supplemental oxygen during your stay. Oxygen poisoning is unheard of, and will never occur while using any of our concentrators.
How do I know if I'll get altitude sickness?
There is no way of knowing when or who this sickness will strike. There are no specific factors such as age, sex, or physical condition that correlate with susceptibility. You may get it one year, and not the next. Don't risk your vacation, and order your oxygen rental today with us.
Can using oxygen become addictive?
Although we all need oxygen to survive, using supplemental oxygen isn't going to become addictive for you. Feel free to use it as needed.
Will insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare pay for the oxygen?
With your prescription, and the information we provide you with, you should be able to submit this information for reimbursement. Part B coverage by Medicare will cover rental of oxygen equipment, and all that Rent Oxygen offers. Please contact your own medical insurance company for exact information regarding reimbursement. We can not guarantee any reimbursement costs, as it is between you and your provider.

Our Current Pricing

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